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[IPk] Re : Pump Clinic

Hi Mary,


That really is outrageous and you have every right to be upset about it. 
I agree with others comments that you should complain through the
Patients Liaison Service at the hospital.


Our own experience at clinic is that we tend to feel rushed in and out,
and between clinics the DSNs have such a workload that we are pretty well
on our own with Owain's diabetes.  Like everyone else, we are the ones
responsible for the daily care and decision-making, not the healthcare
team - so I am always very sensitive to any criticisms.  One time (early
on when Owain was on 2 mixed injections a day) we were having problems
with high BGs at bedtime, dropping dramatically through the night.  The
registrar in clinic advised us to increase the teatime insulin.  I said
no, because then he would be hypo by morning.  Her answer : wake him
every night at 11pm for a snack!  I said no, and there followed a tense
and frosty few minutes during which I was made to feel like a know-all
parent who wouldn't take professional advice!


Worse, Owain's dentist (on finding tooth decay which may have been linked
to nighttime hypo remedies) lectured me in the strongest terms on the
terrible snacks he was having (I thought raisins were quite healthy, she
called them "nature's toffees") - she told me I should be giving him
strips of wholemeal bread with marmite on (this was a 5 year old).  I was
so angry later at not having stood up for myself and told her to mind her
own b****y business, but the whole diabetes thing was really getting on
top of me and that incident had me in tears.


Don't give up with your pump!  Insist on your healthcare team working
with you, as opposed to criticising and dictating.  Be willing to take
their advice on board, but make sure they realise that you have a wealth
of experience about your own diabetes that they have to respect also!


Good luck,

Jackie (Mum to Owain, 7 - pump user since Apr'08)

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