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Re: [IPk] Ivan's website

In message <email @ redacted>, david hales 
<email @ redacted>(I think - emails are not displaying correctly) 
>Reading these emails makes me realise what an informed, articulate and
>intelligent group we have. It's almost as if diabetics are just like normal

I don't think so.

I think diabetics are a more informed, articulate and intelligent group 
than 'normal people' (i.e. the whole population).

The reason is dreadful.  Diabetics who are not informed (e.g. if they 
can't read, for whatever reason), are not articulate (so they can't 
question medical descisions) or are less intelligent (maybe ... it's a 
slippery concept, let's say 'are less numerate') are more likely to DIE 
than diabetics who can read the insert in their insulin, have the self 
confidence to query a doctor who suggests the stop taking their insulin 
when they stop eating, and have the numeracy to adjust their insulin to 
match their carbs (or to ensure that if they don't eat a sandwich for 
lunch, they get the same carb as rice).

Because diabetes occurs across the population fairly evenly, and death 
takes, disproportionately, the ill-informed, in-articulate and 
less-intelligent diabetics, those of us who are left tend to be higher 
up those scales than the population as a whole.  Shocking, isn't it

I wish diabetics were 'normal', but we are better.



Pat Reynolds

It may look messy now ...
         ... but just you come back in 500 years time (T. Pratchett).
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