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Re: [IPk] Re: High bgs 2 hours after meal

Thank you Jackie.? 

 This is really useful.? Yes, I do find that when I have?better control with
consistently lower blood sugars I am more sensitive to insulin.? The thought of
getting all levels under 7 mmol for a day would be a miracle though, something?I
have never yet achieved.? I'm already very sensitive to insulin?with a
correction sensitivity of 6 mmol/L per unit insulin,?and find that my blood
sugars?historically swing?from high to low.? I am on a low dose of insulin with
one basal rate of 0.30 units/hour and a total daily dose of less than 20 units.?
It doesn't take much to go hypo and most days I have at?least one. ?However,
following all three?breakfasts since on the pump (started Monday) I have had
these high blood sugars (as on MDI) which, Like Laura, return to?the normal
range before the next meal.? I have?gone low before the next meal at times, when
no active insulin is left, so maybe the basal needs reducing as well.??

 Thank goodness I am now on the pump and have the opportunity of sorting all
this out.

 Many thanks for your comments, if you can think of anything, else I will be
very grateful.


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If you use the super bolus method you may find that you need to reduce your
basals/total daily insulin amounts.  If you find it works fine and that you are
not having such long spells when your BG level is raised/spiked high, you will
get less insulin resistance.  The extra insulin sensitivity that happens once
you flattened or reduced the spikes,  means that if you do go low,  that you
shouldn't necessarily think that you are going hypo due to the super bolus
method but you may just need a reduction in your total daily dose and you may
need to adjust the basals if you begin to use the Super bolus method regularly
and it works well.

 You may have noticed how insulin sensitive one becomes when you have a whole
with levels under 7 mmols or a few days where your BG level has remained mostly
in target level.

Jackie mum of Sasha

> Hi Nanette
>  I was very interested to read your comments, as I have just started on an
> insulin pump too and have the same problem as Laura.? Have you found that the
> Super Bolus makes you any more prone to hypoglycaemia before your
> next meal?? If
> not, this sounds like a great solution!
> Many thanks,
> Anna
> contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org

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