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[IPk] Ivan's website

This website is amazing. I am awaiting my pump to be delivered - an Accu-chek
Spirit. I guess many of the things you mention are fairly general and can be
applied whichever pump anyone is using - but just to be on the safe side for
when I "go on", can you switch to the Sprirt and do another website! ;>).

Seriously though - a great job.

Reading these emails makes me realise what an informed, articulate and
intelligent group we have. It's almost as if diabetics are just like normal
people :>o. David Hales > Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 00:11:18 +0200> Subject: [IPk]
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High bgs are caused by fact that currently available insulins do not seem> to
ideal for pumps. There are 2 reasons for it:> - activity time of rapid acting
insulin is around 4 hours which is too> long. It usually causes high bg after
around 1,5 hour after the meal and> low bg 3-4 hours after the meal. High bg
problem is usually experienced in> the morning as it is after the first bolus
during the day. Because> diabetics are recommended to eat (and bolus) every
2,5-3 hours the low bg> is usually prevented by the next meal. And because the
insulin is active> for 4 hours, every next meal is covered by part of
preceding bolus.> Together with morning high bgs there are often low bgs
around bed time.> - insulin concentration of 100 IU/ml is too strong.> >
Solution of your problem is to split your breakfast into 2 portions with> let
say an hour break between them. And if your evening bg is low, take a> small
piece of fruit before going to bed. You need to experiment with the> length of
break and amount of food / insulin.> > I am just in the middle of the study of
this problem. I hope the study> will be finished in one month time and I will
present it on my web> http://myparadigm.eu. I am sorry for message that is not
as detailed I> would like to, but I have not so much time now.> > Best regards
Ivan> > >> > Hello, i've only been on an insulin pump for 2 weeks now but i've
always> > had> > this problem, even on injections. After i have a meal, my
blood shoots up> > sometimes right up to the 20's and particularly in the
afternoon it's> > still> > high at 2 hours after the meal, usually around 16.
It always comes back> > down> > by tea time though. I'm really not sure what i
can do to help this but> > it's> > really frustrating cos i'm trying very hard
to keep my levels at a decent> > level to improve my hbA1c and these aren't
gonna help.> > Thankyou> > Laura> >
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