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[IPk] Re: High bgs 2 hours after meal

Hello Laura,

High bgs are caused by fact that currently available insulins do not seem
to ideal for pumps. There are 2 reasons for it:
- activity time of rapid acting insulin is around 4 hours which is too
long. It usually causes high bg after around 1,5 hour after the meal and
low bg 3-4 hours after the meal. High bg problem is usually experienced in
the morning as it is after the first bolus during the day. Because
diabetics are recommended to eat (and bolus) every 2,5-3 hours the low bg
is usually prevented by the next meal. And because the insulin is active
for 4 hours, every next meal is covered by part of preceding bolus.
Together with morning high bgs there are often low bgs around bed time.
- insulin concentration of 100 IU/ml is too strong.

Solution of your problem is to split your breakfast into 2 portions with
let say an hour break between them. And if your evening bg is low, take a
small piece of fruit before going to bed. You need to experiment with the
length of break and amount of food / insulin.

I am just in the middle of the study of this problem. I hope the study
will be finished in one month time and I will present it on my web
http://myparadigm.eu. I am sorry for message that is not as detailed I
would like to, but I have not so much time now.

Best regards    Ivan

> Hello, i've only been on an insulin pump for 2 weeks now but i've always
> had
> this problem, even on injections. After i have a meal, my blood shoots up
> sometimes right up to the 20's and particularly in the afternoon it's
> still
> high at 2 hours after the meal, usually around 16. It always comes back
> down
> by tea time though. I'm really not sure what i can do to help this but
> it's
> really frustrating cos i'm trying very hard to keep my levels at a decent
> level to improve my hbA1c and these aren't gonna help.
> Thankyou
> Laura
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