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[IPk] Well, I'm back ...

Well, I'm back, as Sam Gamgee says at the end of the Lord of the Rings.

Nothing as final as the final book of the trilogy, in my case, though.

It's been nearly a year since I posted/received, so some explanation is 
in order to those of you who wonder where I went, and those who don't 
know who I am!

I used to post a lot, but about a year ago I decided to desubscribe for 
a bit.

The main prompt at the time was that I was going to Japan for a long 
holiday, and since so many people know where I live, I didn't want that 
advertised here.

A secondary consideration was that my hands were agony.

And a third was that I really needed to concentrate on my PhD.

Sooo.... now I'm back.

Japan was wonderful.  Even though my pump had a major hissy fit en route 
to Heathrow, and Di was an angel and tried to get me support, but in the 
end I just lived with a pump that died every time I touched the battery 

I had three hand operations.

I moved house twice: husband's job relocated to York, I decided to stay 
in Surrey but not to face the commute from Ash Vale any longer so moved 
to a nice flat in Woking (we are still married, btw, and the disabled 
rail card comes in very handy).  He works every other week from the 
second bedroom in the flat.

And, last Friday, I handed in my PhD thesis.

Alas, I can't join you on the 18th as (yet again, nothing changes) it 
clashes with the Surrey Archaeology Society council meeting.

More about me (for those who are still bothering to read this):
I've been a pumper for 8 years.  Currently with a Cozmo.   I work full 
time as Surrey's Heritage Manager, have just finished a part-time PhD in 
archaeology, and am looking forwards to getting back to Pumpers, more 
stable bgs (I went hypo twice a day during the final week before 
submission), and am planning to use my newly reclaimed freetime to read 
more speculative fiction and do some other stuff ... I've not decided 
what yet.



(ps the cats are in Woking, and I missed you for advice on settling them 
in, June!)
Pat Reynolds

It may look messy now ...
         ... but just you come back in 500 years time (T. Pratchett).
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