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Re: [IPk] Pump clinic

Hi Mary

I'm so sorry to hear of your bad clinic experience.

Even if you are an unco-operative patient (I'm not saying that you
are...) then surely their job is to try to engage you, and certainly
not to be blatantly rude.

I think if I were in your situation I'd write to IP-UK first, which
you have done!  We're great at encouraging!  Then I'd give the PALS
office a ring.

Don't forget that YOU are in charge of your healthcare.  Healthcare
professionals only "do" things to you WITH YOUR PERMISSION.  If you
disagree with their advice then you can choose to ignore it.  That is
your right.  Maybe next time you see her, check your attitude before
you go in (Who is in charge of my healthcare?  Does anyone have any
right to do something to me that I don't agree with? etc...) and
remember that you are seeing your DSN or doctor to draw on their
expertise, in order to help YOU make better decisions for YOURSELF.
If necessary, calmly tell her that this is the case.  Calmly tell her
that her advice may suit all the other pumpers but you have found that
it works better for you if you do it xxx way.

I hope you're feeling a bit better today.  If you would like some more
encouragement over the phone, drop me an email off-list and I'll give
you my phone number.

Best wishes

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