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Re: [IPk] Pump clinic

Hi Mary,

So sorry you've had such a bad time of things today.  If I was you I  
would write to the Diabetic Consultant and ask their opinion on what  
you are doing and trying to achieve with your pump, and hopefully get  
them on your side and perhaps sort this out.  I am at this very  
moment writing to my Diabetic Consultant about a pump issue I have,  
that my DSN doesn't seem able to sort out for me.  Some days,  
everything feels like a fight.  Keep your chin up Mary, and at the  
very least your posting doesn't make me feel alone in my quest for  
getting things put right, so thanks for that anyway.  I find letters  
get a more positive response than any phone call or face-to-face  
talk, might be worth a try.  Best wishes to you,

(Type 1 for 39 years, 9 months pumping, Paradigm 522)

On 1 Jul 2008, at 18:40, Mary Moody wrote:

> Had a pretty bad experience today. Had a lot of not nice things  
> said to me.
> I am considering throwing in the towel because I just can't take  
> any more of
> this - despite the obvious benefits. All I wanted was some advice re a
> couple of things and DSN got right off the point, wouldn't listen,  
> told me I
> was obsessed, didn't have the personality for a pump (I thought  
> pumps were
> to treat diabetes not personality disorders), etc, etc, etc. I was  
> then told
> that I looked like "a frightened rabbit". No wonder - I have never,  
> every in
> my whole life been spoken to in the way I was today. I tried to  
> take it
> cheerfully, but when I left I was so upset my BG was up to 12.  
> There were
> also loads more uncomplimentary comments.
> I feel my choices are:
> -          complain - can't win that one because they'll just say I  
> was an
> unco-operative patient.
> -          give up the pump (in which case she has won)
> -          spread the word around which I'm doing anyway
> -          carry on doing what she says and not get things properly in
> control
> -          move to another Health Board area - but that's pretty
> inconvenient and I can't afford it
> Patients are now no longer able to do anything without her sayso  
> because we
> are going to have to upload our pumps to the computer at every  
> clinic visit
> so that she can see everything we have done . Not a problem when  
> you're
> working with rational people . She is going to buy every patient a  
> Carelink
> cable except me because she says I can't cope with it. I feel so  
> insulted.
> Just had to get things off my chest. Thanks for listening.
> Mary Moody
> .
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