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Re: [IPk] Mysteries of the doctors surgery

 im glad you can all get it within 48 hours of ordering stuff, i have to wait 72
hours for it to be at the pharmacist and thats assuming theyve decided to
process it, last time i got there and they didnt have it, i need to increase the
amount of strips i get on my prescription i just cant be bothered to go to the
effort of making an appointment to increase one thing, its ridiculous!

email @ redacted wrote:

I, too, go to a surgery which manages to mix up all the repeat prescriptions.

I am on fentanyl pain patches and lozenges, and, as these are controlled 
drugs i am required to have regular medication reviews.

2 weeks ago i went to the hospital pain clinic, and the doctor increased the 
dose of my patches, and gave me a letter for the GP on hospital headed 
notepaper. I took the note straight to the GP surgery with my repeat
and was asked to call back 2 days later, because it takes that long to print 
off a prescription and get it signed.

So, i did as i was told and called back 2 days later. I had my prescription 
for my patches, but nothing else. When i asked about my other items i was 
told all my other items had been removed from my repeat and i needed to see the
GP for a meds review. I asked why as i had only had one 6 weeks ago, but 
nobody seemed to know. So, i went to see my GP and he wants to reduce / stop 
some of the tablets i am taking. Great! So i just sit at home and take tablets
for fun then!!!! I was pleasantly surprised when he gave me my 6 boxes of 
testing strips, but only 3 vials of insulin (i usually have 5). I am just 
dreading needing another prescription as i often feel i need to fight for
i need. I am on quite a lot of meds as i have had my gall bladder, spleen 
and pancreas removed, and, of course the diabetes.

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