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Re: [IPk] HELP NEEDED Sasha's Pump had died

Hi Jackie
Hope you get it sorted soon. I'm sure they could get you a replacement 
today or tomorrow at the latest.

I had some problems with battery a few years ago when I got a low 
battery alarm and a no delivery every time I tried to bolus, although 
basals were fine. I discovered that taking the batteries out and putting 
them back in worked, but I had to do this each time I wanted to bolus.
It happened the night before I went to the US for a business trip for 4 
days. I rang the US helpline and they arranged to have a new pump 
shipped ot the hotel in the US where I was staying. By the time I 
arrived there the following evening it was there waiting for me!
BTW this pump was a loaner pump and when i returned to the UK, I sent 
mine off for them to check out. They fixed it and about a month later I 
got it back, with a request to return the loaner pump (to the UK). Which 
I did. So it all worked very well and I was never without a pump.

On the subject of returning to injections, I don't have a non-pump plan 
either because it has been 8 years or so since I was on injections. Last 
year when I ran out of sets and had to revert to injections for about 20 
hours, I took my total daily basal amount and divided it in 2 (half as 
my morning INsulatard and half as my evening one), added a couple of 
extra units onto each for good measure (as I took a lot more Insulatard 
then than I do now basal) and took my boluses as the same amounts as 
with the pump. It worked pretty well although i had a lot of correction 
injections and I tested frequently.
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