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[IPk] Re: Batteries etc

Hi all with battery probs.
 I use the Energizer Industrial Siza AAA batteries in my Paradigm 712-they are
sent to me when I order supplies directly from Medtronic (am funded) and they've
always sent me these (not through hosp) and they last absolutely ages. At least
6-7 weeks and possibly longer. I just changed a battery today and will note the
exact date then wait for the "low batt" alarm and see how long it lasted. I have
to admit I've had no probs with batteries' ie bad batches etc but my original
Paradigm 712 broke down completely earlier this year and I got a new pump
dispatched within 36 hrs! My blood sugars back on pens were awful! I think I
would have preferred my batteries to be faulty that night as pump failed at 1am!
No one answered my helpline call until 8am but from then onwards speaking to a
nice man in the States and all the relayed msgs to Medtronic Uk between me, the
States and my DSN it went quite smooth! I'll see how it goes with batts but two
hospitals I've been under have
  recommended the Energizer Industrial because they said thats what Medtronic
supply. They do last a bit longer! (I've got that Duracell bunny in my head
Good luck
DM 24yrs pumping 1.5yrs!

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Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 09:26:59 +0100
From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IPk] HELP NEEDED  Sasha's Pump had died

Hi Steve

Sasha's BG levels were around 9 mmols most of the night despite corrections and
eventually some Insulatard, we checked at 2.30 am and 4.30 am and 630 am but
BG levels went up to 16 mmols by 6.30. Then correction and down to 13 mmols an
hour later with corrections.  We have given the normal amount of Novorapid we
usually give with breakfast but dont know if this is right as when Sasha was
having Insulatard before she needed much less Novorapid with the breakfast,
about half the amount.  But maybe this was because the Insulatard was also
acting as bolus insulin.  Not sure what to do at lunch time because when Sasha
was using Insulatard she only needed a small dose of lunchtime insulin.

Thanks for the telephone numbers.  The pump has definitely died completely and
wont respond at all now.  The US office seemed to be talking about us not
getting a pump until Mid week, which seems an awful long time if we contact the
UK office on  Monday morning!

Do you know if Sasha will get a brand new pump and the same colour again (she
concerned about the colour!!!  LOL.

We are going to contact the Pump Rep but unless she has a spare pump it wont
help much and will contact the UK office first thing on Monday.  I haven't got
my telephone list upstairs but I guess the numbers you have given here are the
same ones we have.

Anyway at least we weren't about to go away  on holiday!

> Hi Jackie
> Try calling UK direct. Text follows of a mail sent to me when mine died:
> /Hi Steve/
> / /
> /I hope you are on the path to sorting things out. For future reference
> the important telephone numbers are:/
> / /
> /Medtronic Customer Service: 01923 205167/
> /Medtronic Technical (during normal working hours): 01923 205142/
> /Medtronic 24 Hour Technical (outside normal working hours): 01223 577379/
> / /
> /You should also try to find out who your Medtronic Diabetes Nurse is at
> Medtronic they can often sort problems out for you  give suggestions
> that you may not have thought of. You should be able to get their
> details from Medtronic or your hospital./
> / /
> /If all else fails there is NHS Direct: 0900 906
> /Hope this is useful.
> Regards
> Steve
> /
> /
> contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org

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