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RE: [IPk] dying pumps..snap!

Hi  Kirsty

We really didn't contemplate phoning our hospital because I know from bitter
experience that none of the doctors, except the two consultants who deal with
 the children with diabetes would have a clue and yes I expect they would
Mixtard which never worked for Sasha.  We used Insulatard and Novorapid for MDI
though did try Lantus and got worse results (hypos during the night with the
Lantus wearing off into he early hours.  I suppose our consultant may have been
on duty but I dont really think that they would have any more idea that us and
would suggest doing what we were doing.

 Our pump seemed to be delivering basal insulin , the screen was the home
but none of the buttons did anything so you couldn't check to see what the
basals were or what you were bolusing or reset the basals after they made us
remove the battery for two hours.  They though it might be static.  However I
doubted this and the pump remained the same.

I hope you get your new pump sorted out quickly.


> Hi Jackie
> Feeling lots of empathy for you. My pump decided to need more batteries
>  today and then died for a while before being resucitated with a re-set up. I
> rang
> the U.S helpline and they say that I need a new pump..but I need to contact
> the U.K office on Mon (tomm). I was at work today (staff nurse) so I
> rang the
> Diabetic ward for advice and a plan for if it completely stops working before
> I  get a replacement. A junior Dr came to see me, who had obviously never
> seen an  insulin pump before and couldn't really give me any advice..after
> speaking to  his registrar, they wanted to put me on 2 x daily injections of
>  mixtard! I wasnt pleased as pre-pump I was on MDI of Humalog and
> Insulatard at
> bedtime. I said I  would rather inject myself every 1-2hrs than do that. In
>  desperation I have taped a long note to the reception desk at the Diabetic
> centre
> ..so that one of  the 'pump aware' DSN's can get back to me tommorow. But i'm
> not a happy bunny.  At the minute my pump is still delivering insulin..so
> fingers crossed.
> The man that I spoke to on the minimed helpline did say that I could ring
>  for advice if it completely stopped working. Not sure if that meant
> re: dosage.
> Will be thinking of you..hope a new pump arrives for your daughter  soon.
> Kirsty
> T1 33yrs (pumping nearly 4yrs)
> .

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