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RE: [IPk] batteries

Hi Sarah,
I've had my Animas IR1200 now for 19 months, and have changed the battery 
twice! They do seem to last ages in this pump, as long as you stay with the 
Lithium type. I usually wait until the second "bar" goes before I change it. 
The first "bar" going does not mean that battery failure is imminent but I 
don't remember judging how long it took before the second one went.
IDDM 23 years, pumping 2 years
>On the subject of batteries, I got an Animas IR1200 at the beginning  of 
>Feb and only changed the single AA battery a couple of weeks ago  for the 
>FIRST TIME! I couldn't believe it had lasted so long. Anyway,  I wondered 
>if any could advise me about when it is necessary to  change the battery in 
>this pump - when I changed it I had only lost  1/3 on the battery symbol 
>but don't know if this is a measure of  imminent failure or whether 
>actually the battery would have lasted  much longer? The pump had also 
>beeped at me a low battery warning  which is why i was prompted to change 
>it rather than wait. I couldn't  find an answer in the instruction book.
>DM 10y this month! pumping 3.5y
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