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RE: [IPk] wearing pupms with dresses!!

HI Elizabeth

That's a really good idea.  I hope the wedding goes well.

 I have some bright  blue bandage that's like crepe bandage but it sticks to
 itself and is "breathable" and would be ok as well. It must be the same sort of
stuff.  I can't even remember where I got it now.  I only happened to find it a
couple of weeks ago and used some to bandage my foot (blisters) because there
was nothing else but small plasters in my first aid box.  At the time I thought
that it was peculiar stuff and obviously had thought it was something else when
I bought it.  It must have come from Super Drug or Tescos

It looks like this but blue

This must be the same sort of thing at vet wrap.

Cohesive sports bandage that sticks to itself and not to skin or hair. Easy
unwind for controlled application. Non slip bandaging for support or
compression. Sticks to itself so no need for pins or tape.

Now you mention it, I can see it would be useful for all sorts of things.  I
 dont know how wide it would need to be. How wide is the Vet Wrap you are using?

 Putting round Sasha wrist for gym so see doesnt have to take off her ID
and lose yet another one


> Hi - Have just had a break through and wanted to share it with you all!
> I am going to a wedding on friday and am wearing a white strapless
> dress..mmm no where to put the pump!
> I have just discovered that 'VETWRAP' co adhesive bandage that we use for
> the horses is perfect! It sticks to itself but not to you so you can strap
> the pump onto your thigh/ calf etc. The bandages are designed to eliminate
> pressure points and allow skin to breathe!! perfect!!
> Hope this is helpful...any one got any more pump wearing tips?? I just find
> that some of the things on the market don't take slim fitting summer clothes
> inot account.
> .

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