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[IPk] Morphine pumps and insulin pumps

Hi Steve

Like Barbara has mentioned morphine pumps are often set up in hospital for
 patients who may be in a lot of pain from cancer or post op. My father was in a
 hospice and during the last few days had a morphine pump but it wasn't
that small.  He wasn't able to operate this himself as he was too ill but some
 patients are able to push a button to "top up" the medication when the pain
 too bad. Like an insulin pump this pump also have set limits so that you cannot
accidentally overdose.  I imagine now that some patients who remain at home
during treatment or recovery will have a morphine pump very similar to an
insulin pump.

I guess the person who asked had maybe seen a family member using one, or of
course it could have been one of the many  diabetes consultants  who had never
heard of insulin pumps or no nothing about them!!!


> I was once asked if I was bolusing Morphine. I don't know who needs to do
> that, I never heard of it. The person concerned had never heard of Insulin
> pumps????
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