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Re: [IPk] more alarms!


I wouldn't normally chime in on a Medtronic battery question but I have a 
couple of thoughts on the very short battery life issue. If the batteries 
installed have lost any potency since manufacture or are defective,  the 
pump will get very little power from them. Even though the expiry date on 
the batteries may be years away, if the batteries have been stored 
improperly before reaching your hands they may have a very short life. Did 
the batteries that failed all come from the same package, or from the same 
shop/same purchase? I once bought batteries for my old MM507C that lasted 
only 4 days before dying - clearly those were defective.

Also, a pump's battery power detection system is not necessarily flawless. 
It is possible that there was nothing wrong with the batteries but the 
pump's power detection system developed a fault and thought the batteries 
were dead.

As for the previous discussion re ESD, the phenomenon of electrostatic 
discharge causing pump malfunctions is well documented.

Hope this helps,

Type 1 13+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2.5 years
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