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Re: [IPk] (Fwd) As the web form is down, please could you post this on t

I was once asked if I was bolusing Morphine. I don't know who needs to do
that, I never heard of it. The person concerned had never heard of Insulin

On 7/28/06, Michael <email @ redacted> wrote:
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> Subject:        As the web form is down, please could you post this on the
> IP
> UK discussion list? Thanks
> Date sent:      Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:08:23 +0100
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> Subject:  Insurance/mistaken identity of pumps
> Although obviously as pump is attached nearly 24/7 you're unlikely to
> lose/have stolen, it is possible that pickpockets or beach thieves
> might
> nab them!
> On this point, when I was travelling (South America) and also on the
> tube, I do fear that someone will think my pump is something valuable
> (I've often been asked if it's a pager/ipod) and try to steal it.
> I usually clip my pump to the back of my trousers - prime pickpocket
> location on busy public transport or the jostle of the street. Fear
> that
> the stickiness of the infusion set might not withstand a tug.
> Bizarrely, someone approached me on the tube last month when i was
> fiddling with pump to set a temp basal rate and asked where they could
> buy one! Foreign. Asked if he knew what it was ("yes"), are you
> diabetic
> ("yes"?! surely not understanding my question) and then insisted he
> wanted to buy mine! asked if I was with the security services! Pump as
> secret spy equipment? Luckily getting off at next stop anyway!
> Has anyone else had any odd questions as to what their pump is?
> Kate
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