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Subject:  Insurance/mistaken identity of pumps

Although obviously as pump is attached nearly 24/7 you're unlikely to
lose/have stolen, it is possible that pickpockets or beach thieves
nab them!

On this point, when I was travelling (South America) and also on the
tube, I do fear that someone will think my pump is something valuable
(I've often been asked if it's a pager/ipod) and try to steal it.

I usually clip my pump to the back of my trousers - prime pickpocket
location on busy public transport or the jostle of the street. Fear
the stickiness of the infusion set might not withstand a tug.

Bizarrely, someone approached me on the tube last month when i was
fiddling with pump to set a temp basal rate and asked where they could
buy one! Foreign. Asked if he knew what it was ("yes"), are you
("yes"?! surely not understanding my question) and then insisted he
wanted to buy mine! asked if I was with the security services! Pump as
secret spy equipment? Luckily getting off at next stop anyway!

Has anyone else had any odd questions as to what their pump is?


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