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Re: [IPk] GP Visit

Hi Karen,
I have a NON fasting blood test done my hospital, Bournemouth. I  also have a 
FASTING test done at my docs. Why? Well, a fasting test can check  many 
things that a diabetic consultant may not be concerned with, like Liver and  
I personally would not want an HbA1c test to be below 5.0. I run at  6.6 
 which is comfortable (for me). Cholesterol at 5 is a little high for a
3.5 to 4.5 would be healthier. Mine used to be 5 to 5.2, nice I  thought. 
Following my heart attack and triple heart bypass I was told I should  take a 
Statin each night. I now take Simvastatin, 40mg each night. Cholesterol  is 
 naturally produced by the body (liver) each night. Taking a Statin is intended
turn the bodys natural production off, or down.  This is  particularly 
important for diabetics or those who have had heart  problems.
Hey, ho. Six years later I'm still ok!!
D T1 46 yrs, DTron + pumper 2 yrs and  counting
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