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[IPk] GP Visit

Hi All

I had to make a visit to my GP today as she has refused to issue any more
repeat prescriptions until I've had a review.  Had a long argument on the
phone 10 days ago with the receptionist who said that my GP had to ensure I
was taking the correct amount of insulin etc!  Anyway, my GP then decides to
look up my last results from Guy's to see what's been going on:

HbA1  6.2 - "Oh, far too high, the recommended level is 5.2 I'm surprised
the hospital haven't spoken to you about this!

Oh - you don't seem to be taking (whatever the name was) which will prevent
kidney problems in the future, we will have to get that sorted. (explained
that I've never had kidney problems)

Your cholesterol is 5 - way too high, we will have to see about sorting that

Why are you still not taking iron tablets (explained that quite some time
ago, end of last year, I was anaemic and was prescribed a one month course
of iron tablets and was never told to go back)

Your thyroxine dose hasn't been changed for a long time (explained that Guy
s check it as well as the surgery)

By now I was starting to get a bit worried.  Would they refuse to continue
funding me for the pump?  Would I end up taking countless other medications
just in case'.  Oh, and apparently the hospital are doing all my blood tests
wrong as they are not fasting ones.  Anyway I've gone along with whatever
she suggests, having test on everything blood wise (fasting) and will see
what the outcome is as I'm due at Guy's on the 11th September and will see
what they say.

T1 29+ yrs MM508 3+ yrs fed up with my GP 1 day!
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