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RE: [IPk] American cooking..help!

Most, if not all of this stuff is available from an import food website here 
in the UK called cybercandy.co.uk. They have two shops in Brighton and 
Covent Garden, but most of their business is mail order. Unfortunately you 
do pay a high premium, but if you want absolutely the genuine article it is 
the place to shop. Bakers chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate chips and Karo are 
all available.

And for those people who know me, yes, Lucky Charms are available - but at 
SIX POUNDS a box :(


>From: "Melissa P. Ford" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: RE: [IPk] American cooking..help!
>Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 09:02:19 -0500
>Small note re cornsyrup: where I am living in the US now I'd have to make a 
>special trip to a special shop to get golden syrup so a few months ago I 
>tried using cornsyrup to make flapjack. It didn't work. Cornsyrup is not as 
>rich as golden syrup :( . I don't think honey would be a great substitute 
>for cornsyrup as cornsyrup is a lot more 'sticky' and much more 
>concentrated in its sweetness than honey. But if I had easy access to 
>golden syrup I would try using golden syrup in place of cornsyrup to see if 
>I got a better flavour that way.
>If you want to track down some American-style cornsyrup, the most popular 
>brand is Karo, which is pronounced 'KAY-ro'. I have seen it in some 
>speciality shops in the UK and you may be able to order it on-line. If your 
>recipe comes out too sweet when you use golden syrup and you want to try it 
>with cornsyrup, you just might be able to find Karo. (Cornsyrup is 
>technically awful for you, but the best pecan pie recipes call for a lot of 
>cornsyrup and I just can't resist a good homemade pecan pe....)
>Elizabeth's translations were spot-on and I'm trying to think of other 
>things that you might encounter. Oh, bacon!! American bacon is much 
>different from real bacon. It is thin and crispy and mostly fat striated 
>with the smallest amount of meat. Most recipes you could make that call for 
>bacon would probably be better with real bacon so I wouldn't worry about 
>trying to find American bacon. Also unsweetened baking chocolate - I had a 
>hell of a time trying to find unsweetened baking chocolate in the UK. 
>Unsweetened baking chocolate is cocoa and fat, no sugar added, in a block 
>like you buy Dairy Milk. A lot of American chocolate dessert recipes call 
>for it. The most popular brand is Baker's. You would never want to put some 
>unsweetened chocolate in your mouth and eat it as it's too bitter. I looked 
>high and low for it and eventually found it, totally overpriced, in an 
>import speciality shop in London. I resigned myself to making English 
>chocolate dessert recipes. English recipes are written so you start with 
>chocolate that is at least a little bit sweet even if very dark.
>Hope this is of slight interest,
>Type 1 13+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2.5 years; lived 
>in the UK ~3 years; American 25 years (will be happy to send people 
>anything American they want in exchange for GBP deposited to my Barclays 

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