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Re: [IPk] American cooking..help!

Hi Melissa
It is quite easy to find what is called here "cooking chocolate" as it 
is in most supermarkets. It's used in many British recipes that involve 
chocolate. You'll find it in the baking section rather than the 
chocolate section. It is a little bit sweet but nothing like real 
chocolate, so it might not be quite the same as what you call 
unsweetened baking chocolate but is probably the best substitute.
You can get it in both plain and milk varieties I think.

Melissa P. Ford wrote:

Also unsweetened baking chocolate -
> I had a hell of a time trying to find unsweetened baking chocolate in 
> the UK. Unsweetened baking chocolate is cocoa and fat, no sugar added, 
> in a block like you buy Dairy Milk. A lot of American chocolate dessert 
> recipes call for it. The most popular brand is Baker's. You would never 
> want to put some unsweetened chocolate in your mouth and eat it as it's 
> too bitter. I looked high and low for it and eventually found it, 
> totally overpriced, in an import speciality shop in London. I resigned 
> myself to making English chocolate dessert recipes. English recipes are 
> written so you start with chocolate that is at least a little bit sweet 
> even if very dark.
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