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RE: [IPk] American cooking..help!

I've thrown in a few extra definition that you mayn't have come across yet>

Shortening: vegetable-based lard. Use butter instead. Shortening is
hydrogenated and far more evil than saturated fat.
Zucchini: courgette
Eggplant: aubergine
Buttermilk: you should be able to buy buttermilk in the shop. If not, put a
teaspoon of lemon juice into the correct volume of milk. Twirl the milk
around the jug. There should be little curds clinging to the sides of the
jug. If there aren't, add more lemon juice (in small doses!) until you get
the right effect.
Cornstarch: cornflour. Your supermarket has it.
Baking soda: Bread soda or bicarbonate of soda
Cornmeal: Possibly called maize meal, but you should be able to find
cornmeal under that name. Make sure you get the yellow cornmeal and not the
white cornmeal that African shops often have. Check the recipe to see if you
need fine or coarse. If your supermarket doesn't have it, the health food
shop will.
Cornsyrup: A bit like golden syrup. You could probably use golden syrup
instead. Honey is probably better.
American cheese: Calvita, Easisingles or any other highly processed cheese
that's so bland as to be tasteless. Avoid. Use a decent cheddar instead.

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