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Hi Sara
I'm having the same thing but I think it's a result of a lot of exercise 
at the weekend (I'm also very hungry, which goes along with that idea).
I'd reduce your basal to 80% for a couple of days and see what happens.

Sara Pumford wrote:
> Hi 
> The last two days my blood sugars have been running really low with lots of
 > small hypos. I have been using the blus wizard since last week and if
 > am using less insulin (by about 5 units a day) down from 40 units to 35 units
 > day. I'm wondering if it could be the extreme heat we are having at the
 > Is anyone else experancing lows. I'm wondering whether to decrease my boluses
> or
> to do a temp basal rate drop to about 80% instead.
> any info would be appreciated
> sara davies
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