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Re: [IPk] New pumps for old

Thanks, Tim. Interesting info.


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>Subject: Re: [IPk] New pumps for old
>Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 12:20:07 -0600
>I spoke with the Medtronic rep this morning about replacing my pump (the 
>515) with the new 522, or  is it 722.  It's not cheap!  In the USA there is 
>a program to update the Medtronic pumps and they are perfectly willing to 
>go along with this, even though I've only had my pump for about 5 months.  
>It would cost me $299 for the new pump, $999 for the transmitter and 10 
>sensors.  The latter last for only three days and cost $35 each.  I'll 
>probably go along with this because I think the educational value will be 
>considerable.  However, I don't intend to use the sensors on a permanent 
>basis as they aren't covered by the insurance companies in the USA.  In 
>fact, none of the costs above are.  I imagine this will change in time.
>Input from Melissa is that UK policy is much less generous than that in the 
>USA and even getting a pump is very difficult.  I had no problem here back 
>in January when I first asked about pumps.  I imagine the implication is 
>that you won't find it easy to persuade the NHS to replace your pump.
>Tim C.
>>Before i started on my pump, i discussed the various brands of pumps  
>>available with my consultant. I liked the idea of the Animas pump because 
>>smaller increments available, as i am on low doses of insulin, and am 
>>insulin  sensitive. The consultant admitted that he wasnt familiar with 
>>the Animas pump,
>>and didn't think adults would require such small incremental changes.
>>I have been using my Paradigm 512 since Feb. I am really pleased with it.  
>>However, with the benefit of experience, i do now think i would benefit 
>>  smaller increments available on the Animas pump. Do i have to wait until 
>>my guarantee expires before i will be able to change?

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