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[IPk] 522 sensors

Hi Tim,
You mentioned "It would cost me $299 for the new pump, 
$999 for the transmitter and 10 sensors.  The latter last for only 
three days and cost $35 each..."
 The sensors in US cost $40/each but the 3 day rule is something Medtronic had
to agree to in order to get the 522 on the market. Many of us who were on the
Guardian RT learned quickly that a sensor can last much longer than 3 days. You
may have seen some posts on this already. I wear my sensors for 9 days/time. I
find wearing longer is tough for me as the sensor insertion spot is itchy and
sometimes "annoyed" at me. The sensors themselves are no differnt/very accurate
even 8, 9+ days unless one runs very high BGs (again archives from last week's
posts had Nikkos sharing about this).
 Stuart, I am SO excited to hear you are on the RT - you will grow so used to
getting that amount of data, I hope it isn't too disappointing to go back to 10
finger pokes a day :o). Can't wait until you get your pump as you are one of the
most motivated -pumper-wanna-be's I've met!
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