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[IPk] Re: Alarms/Insurance

Is the theft of insulin pumps a significant problem?  It's not 
something that had crossed my mind but perhaps it makes sense to 
insure them.

If earthing, or grounding, were a known problem, I'd have thought an 
earthing terminal would be provided on the outer body of the pumps. 
It would be simple to do this with a transparent conductive coating. 
I'm going to raise this with an old friend of mine.

>Thanks to everyone who has replied. I have now sent a (long) e-mail to my 
>DSN querying the reasons why I have to insure and what happens if I don't..I 
>  will let you know the outcome. That was a good point that Pat made 
>re: whether
>  can insure contents that belong to someone else.
>Re: batteries/static electricity. Yes- Tim, I read your post with interest. 
>It's not a problem I've ever had before, I thought it was just a bad lot of 
>batteries until I had the other alarm and had to reset everything, it seemed
>  too much of a coincidence. I was advised to 'earth' myself by 
>washing my hands
>and  touching 'something metal'..this was a helpline that was in the U.S.A. I
>haven't  rung the helpline before and was suprised to be speaking to someone
>in America.  The advisor was nice and helpful, but didn't know if I was being
>charged for the  call (I checked with Medtronic U.K and they said it 
>was free!)
>T1 33yrs (pumping nearly 4yr)

Tim C.
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