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RE: [IPk]Roche Disetronic sets with Medtronic 508 pump

Hi Jackie,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I used the ACCU-CHEK Rapid-D Infusion Sets (Roche)kindly sent to my by Mark?
>From Disetronic who lurks on the list.

This link demonstrates it: 

The only sight problem I had (until I sussed the required angle) is that the
luer lock on the end of the Accu-Chek Rapid D set has a bit of a
lug/butterfly plastic bit.  This is the end that attaches to the reservoir.
No problem in attaching it.  Slight hassle in working out the correct angle
to squeeze the lug/butterfly bit in so that the back of the 508 pump case
will close.  It does - just a bit of fiddling at first to work it out.

At the moment I'm trying to sort out a tangle about funding since the
original funding PCT has bumped me off to another one without letting them
know! (At least that's the story the new PCT is giving me).

So before I can get agreement to switch set only supplies to Roche, the
finance bods need to get their act sorted out.

The Medtronic needle only sets I tried, (a) had no adhesive so you have to
remember to carry around tape with you and (b) had no quick release
mechanism.  Perhaps these are just the sets they sent me to try.  In any
event it made showering and keeping the sets in place (especially in this
heat) problematic to be polite!

>From my brief experience, I definitely preferred the Roche needle set to the
Medtronic.  But as ever, YMMV (you may have a different take on this).

All the best

Rhoda (still struggling with hypers.  GP omitted to read message re
Metformin Moderate Release sent yesterday, so didn't prescribe it.
Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.
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