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RE: [IPk] Re: bolus wizard

Hi Nanette / Pat

Sorry I was assuming that the Cozmo showed a breakdown of the calculation
into Food and Correction as the Paradigm does.

I know that the insulin action is calculated differently on the Paradigm and
the Cozmo. The Cozmo uses a straight line assumption on the insulin on board
- the Paradigm uses a curve designed to follow the absorption in most
people. However the Paradigm 512/712 has the issue that the time is not
customisable and so gives a very conservative estimate for most people. I
understand that this has been changed in the Paradigm 515 / 715 and later

So for instance with the Cozmo if you bolus and correct using the wizard -
then 20 minutes later (this is an extreme) test your blood sugar level and
correct again using the bolus wizard then you will over correct. The cozmo
will assume that 20 minutes worth of insulin has already been used when in
most people the insulin will only just be starting to have any effect. 

Hope I am not adding to the confusion my last e-mail caused.


>you are assuming that the 'bolus wizard' calculations are the same on all 
>pumps - like Pat I use a Cozmo, and don't find different amounts suggested
>for the two functions - but I'm not convinced that all the pumps do their
>'bolus wizard' calculations the same way, and think this is worth checking.
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