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RE: [IPk] For Rhoda- back up pens failing!

Hi John and Rhoda

Novo Nordisk and other insulin manufactures tell you not to store them in the
fridge.  I was told that cold insulin stings more but Sasha has never said that
there was any difference between cold insulin and room temperature insulin.
Insulin keeps longer in the fridge and Sasha only used to use small amounts.

John the theory is that if you leave a pen with the needle attached, then put
 the insulin pen back in the fridge, it will contract and then drawn air into
cartridge.  All this meant for us was that we had to make sure that we did an
air shot before using the pen.  Sometimes several air shots to get rid of the
air.  We often did leave the needle on!!  If the weather is hot the insulin
expands and leaks out of the pen.

We do store Sasha's insulin pen in the fridge and always have done for 7 years
 without a problem. Our house is always very warm and if stored in the fridge we
always know where it is.  A house with four children can be chaos!

 It may well be in the manufactures interests to tell you to keep the insulin
of the fridge, then you may have to chuck it away and buy some more, before the
cartridge is empty, because "gone off".   Insulin doesnt "go off" that quickly,
 as plenty of people in hot countries use insulin. Insulin that is past its sell
by date, or has been subject to being left in the sun or heat, will loose its
effectiveness, rather than suddenly stop working.


> >BTW can you remind me why we are advised not to store a pen in the fridge
> >once we have started using the cartridge in it?
> When the insulin gets cold, it expands a little and forces insulin
> out of the needle. When you take it out of the fridge, it sucks air
> back in, and you are in a pickle...
> John
> (or does it shrink when cold, and expand when it warms?)
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