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Re: Pocket Compass WAS RE: [IPk] BOLUS WIZARD

>Meter companies are in the business in order to sell test strips and
>pump companies are in the business to sell pumps and sets. If you
>could use ANY software program with ANY meter or any pump, then the
>company with the *best* data management system would have no
>guarantee of selling any more strips or pumps (etc.) than the
>company with the worst data management system. Then there would be
>no business case to offer a data management system at all. If you're
>a company in the diabetes care industry, the reason to offer a good
>data management system is to sway data-savvy patients to choose
>_your_ system and buy _your_ products (and to persuade data-savvy
>healthcare professionals to recommend _your_ products to patients
>who use a lot of strips). Everyone agrees that data management is a
>valuable aspect of diabetes care but it is a pain in the butt. (It's
>even a pain in the butt to create the software for it, truth be

Is that so? I contacted Bayer a few years ago. I wanted to write some 
Esprit/Psion transmission software, and they readily sent me 
free-of-charge sheets of transmission protocols, which worked very 
nicely thank you. No mention of forbidding me to add other meter 
transmission protocols either :-/

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