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Re: Pocket Compass WAS RE: [IPk] BOLUS WIZARD

Hi Seos,

I'm afraid you're foiled again - from the webpage I linked earlier today 


"* System requirements
Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Platinum, Neo or Prism or Palm IIIc, V, Vx, 
VIIx, M105, M500, M505. PC use requires a Pentium 90 MHz processor, Windows 
98, NT 4.0, ME, or 2000, 32 MB of RAM memory, 50 MB of available hard disk 
space, a graphics card that supports a resolution of 800 X 600 pixels and 
256 colors, a CD-ROM drive and a keyboard."

You have to put a CD-ROM into a PC to load the Pocket Compass application to 
your Palm device. Also, if you wanted to print out any reports, you'd have 
to have the Pocket Compass software running on a PC. Aside from that, the 
Roche IR data transfer protocol might be set up so you can't use another 
device with it. (I know too little about IR to know whether that is likely, 

In terms of the various diabetes care companies "wanting to help" users of 
other companies' products, they would love to help you become their 
customer! On a serious level, some data encryption and data transfer 
protocols are proprietary so you CAN'T use Company A's software to upload 
from Company B's product. Some third-party data management systems sold only 
to diabetologists' offices allow uploads from almost any glucose meter to a 
PC. The developers of those products had to strike deals with the companies 
in order to be allowed to write their software.

Meter companies are in the business in order to sell test strips and pump 
companies are in the business to sell pumps and sets. If you could use ANY 
software program with ANY meter or any pump, then the company with the 
*best* data management system would have no guarantee of selling any more 
strips or pumps (etc.) than the company with the worst data management 
system. Then there would be no business case to offer a data management 
system at all. If you're a company in the diabetes care industry, the reason 
to offer a good data management system is to sway data-savvy patients to 
choose _your_ system and buy _your_ products (and to persuade data-savvy 
healthcare professionals to recommend _your_ products to patients who use a 
lot of strips). Everyone agrees that data management is a valuable aspect of 
diabetes care but it is a pain in the butt. (It's even a pain in the butt to 
create the software for it, truth be told.)

Hope that is of interest,

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