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RE: [IPk] Hypers unlimited!

Hi Rhoda,

Rather than correcting by bolus only (after the 9 u. you've just taken by 
needle have had a chance to work) what about raising your basals? I find 
that I make myself very unstable and don't actually prevent the highs when I 
correct by bolus only during a period of highs upon highs. A couple of times 
I have been in straits like yours because of extreme stress and extra 
boluses didn't help as much as raising my basal rates by 30% 
round-the-clock. Perhaps you can work to prevent the highs (wherever they 
are coming from) by increasing the basal and then fine-tune with smaller 
correction boluses?

It does occur to me that you might ask the DSN whether she'd consider 
recommending insulin sensitizers (TZDs - Actos or Avandia) and/or metformin 
(Glucophage). Long-term or older type 1s with insulin resistance may benefit 
from drugs usually prescribed for type 2s. Being type 1 does not mean one 
can never develop characteristics of type 2 just as much as being type 2 
does not mean one will never need insulin. Do you have risk factors for the 
metabolic syndrome in terms of waist-hip ratio, BMI, etc.?

Best wishes!!!

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