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[IPk] Hypers unlimited!

This is becoming boring!


I'm still having problems with sets although both needle sets from Roche and
Medtronic seemed to work better than the Silhouettes.


Preferred Roche ones even with tweaking required to fit the lugs of the
tubing into the Medtronic pump.


However I've run out of them and need to resolve funding issues with PCT for
2 companies products!


Meantime, I've been running high for the last 3 weeks or so with only
occasional drops to normal.  Had a scare when I thought I had more pulmonary
emboli (had multiple bi-lateral PEs about 4 years ago).  Anyway that's been
ruled out - thankfully - but I can't get my bgs down.


I've switched vials of insulin, fresh set, reservoir, tubing, site the lot.
Restricted diet to very low carb and high fibre with loads of water yet this
morning I woke up with bgs of 21.3 mmol/l (approx 384 mg/dl)!  No ketones!
I bolused 8 units, had very small portion of lean meat with bean sprouts &
other LC veggies (equivalent to <3 dessertspoons).


After 1 hour I was 24.5 mmol/l.  Felt nauseous and utterly wiped out -


All day I've been bolusing extra 5 or 3.5 units ever 2 hours and have only
managed to lower bgs to 19.8 mmol/l.


Any suggestions?  No fever, sore throat, swollen glands etc.




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