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Re: [IPk] For Melissa?

Hi Nikos,

It was Medtronic who told me that more calibrations increased the accuracy 
of the sensor!!!

I agree with you about the trends. Initially, every time Ed went out of 
range I had to resist the urge to keep intervening. Now I monitor the trend 
and will usually take some action when two trend arrows occur and remain for 
a while unless it is just after he has eaten of course. I have set the low 
glucose alert to 5mmol because at that level if Ed is going to drop further 
it is likely to be dramatic and happen very quickly. I think it will be 
easier when he will be able to explain how he is feeling. It must make a 
difference for you to be able to match what the sensor says with how you 
actually feel.

I like the software and being able to look at the sensor graphs and see what 
affects his levels. I find that really helpful even though  a pattern rarely 
emerges. A consequence of being four years old, I suppose.

Jane. Mum to Ed (4).

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From: "Nikos Filippou" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 4:18 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] For Melissa?
> To use the sensor more than 72 hours is easy. You don't even have to
> disconnect / reconnect the sensor. You just do the procedure:
> Home screen>sensor>sensor start>start new sensor.
> The pump ask for a BG in a
> minute and in 15 minutes start to give accurate results without the 2
> hours waiting.
> As for more calibrations = more accurate results is not true. You must
> choose the time to calibrate your sensor when your blood sugar is
> stable. If you calibrate with lows and his at times when there is a
> fats change on your BGs then the sensor going crazy.
> Try to remember that with the sensor on you must cure the trends and
> not the BGs. If you manage to straight your BG curve then its easy to
> control your Diabetes without his, lows or complications.
> I use a Freestyle mini and I enter the BGs manually to the 722 because
> there is no BD link meter or BD strips in Greece.
> Take care
> Nikos Filippou
> Thessaloniki, Greece
> age 36, DXed T1 1986, pumping MM722RT with sensor on
> .
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