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[IPk] Re: Bubbles survey - last call for responses!

Thanks very much to all the people who responded to my further call for 
responses to the survey about bubbles.
I am just waiting for any last minutes responses (and in particular responses 
to the specific emails I sent out to people who responded earlier but with 
only partical information) in case people are away for the weekend and will 
respond once they return. 
The preliminary analysis does have some interesting tentative results, as well 
as ideas for follow-up questions (and how the initial questionnaire should 
really have been worded in order to get more accurate and more extensive 
information - hindsight is great!!). However, once I publicize the results, it 
seems to me that any additional responses will be more in the nature of 
reactions (agreeing or contradicting) to the findings rather than more 
impartial individual reporting of personal experience with difficulties or no 
difficulties with bubbles. So now is your last chance if you would still like 
to respond - questionnaire appears again below, please send responses to me at 
email @ redacted
Thanks again
- -------------------------------------------------------

If you have used more than one type of pump or more than one type of insulin
in the pump, please could you answer all the questions for each pump and for
each type of insulin.

1. Which pump do you use?

2. For how long have you used this pump (approximately)?

3. Which insulin do you use (Humalog, Novorapid or other - if other,

4. Do you use prefilled cartridges?

5. If you fill your own cartridges, do you see bubbles while filling, and do
you have problems getting rid of the bubbles (often, occasionally, rarely)?

6. At other times, do you find bubbles in the tubing or cartridge which cause
problems of high BG and/or difficulty eliminating the bubbles?

7. Before filling the cartridge, do you leave the insulin bottle out of the
fridge for some time?

8. Do you fill the cartridge slowly and gradually or swiftly?
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