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[IPk] RE: ip-uk-digest V3 #556 Bubbles Survey

Sorry, I should read ALL the mail !

1. Which pump do you use?

Accu Check Spirit

2. For how long have you used  this pump (approximately)?

10 months

3. Which insulin do you use (Humalog,  Novorapid or other - if other,


4. Do you use prefilled  cartridges?


5. If you fill your own cartridges, do you  see bubbles while filling, and 
you have problems getting rid of the  bubbles (often, occasionally, rarely)?

See bubbles each time, dont ever have a problem getting rid of them.

6. At other times, do you find  bubbles in the tubing or cartridge which 
problems of high BG  and/or difficulty eliminating the bubbles?

No, not so far

7. Before filling  the cartridge, do you leave the insulin bottle out of the
fridge for  some time?

Usually about an hour, but somtimes straight awy

8. Do you fill the cartridge slowly and gradually or  swiftly

Depends on how much of a rush I'm in, but always make sure it is clear of 
bubbles b4 I put the cartridge into the pump.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

roy M


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