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[IPk] Wearing the Pump

OK, further to my question about where people wear their pump at night, here
is a pricis of the responses, I suppose depending on your gender, some may
be more useful than others! Thanks for all the responses:

   - men's sports type trousers with zips

   - Medtronic soft elastic and Velcro fastening pumps pouches

   - tennis shorts with pockets with added zelcro to stop pump falling

   - soft pouch /bag from John Lewis (made by Go-Go Travel), made out of,
   what is described as, "lingerie" material, is very soft and has a zipped

   - using pump clip to clip it to the neck of pj's.

   - shorts for IPODS.

   - iboxers

   - in a sock, safety pinned to the side of the sheet,
   - loose under the pillow

   - loose in the bed

   - tuck into into panties

   - sewn a couple of buttons on both sides of my pyjama bottom waistband
   and then sewn button holes into child's tiny sneaker sock, tuck pump into
   sock and button it to waistband

   - pump in bra inside its little mitten.

   - is wedged between boobs in an old sports bra
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