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Re: [IPk] Think I've sussed my overnight problem

Hi Lesley Jordan,
I was having problems with my breakfast BG readings (They were on the high 
side), and eventually I was given a test with a continuous BG reading 
machine. I had this attached to me for a week and it transpired that between 
9pm and 5am each night my BG dropped drastically. If I therefore had a 
reading at night that was high, instead of giving a correction bolus I used 
to reduce my Basal rate for a few hours each night and it solved the 
problem. What I would suggest to you is that you test before bed and again 
every couple of hours. You will only need to do this maybe 1 night per week 
for a few weeks and you will probably find a pattern emerging. Have a word 
with your Doctor or Diabetic Nurse and they will advise you I'm sure. - 

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Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 7:15 PM
Subject: [IPk] Think I've sussed my overnight problem
> Hi all
> For a few months I've been thinking my Diaport is
> "funny" at night - if I correct a high at bedtime,
> it seems that sometimes it doesn't bring me down
> at all, and other times it does a bit.  But not as
> much as it would during the day, when I should be
> less sensitive to the insulin than I am at night.
> Anyway, last night my BG was 12.1, and I forgot to
> correct before I fell asleep.  This morning my BG
> was 5.5, so I reckon I'm falling by about 7mmols
> overnight, which means that if I correct, then I'm
> hypoing, sleeping through it and rebounding in the
> morning.
> Drat - now I need to do some overnight basal
> testing.  Should be ok in a couple of weeks.  I
> wouldn't completely trust any basal testing in a
> heatwave though.
> Thanks for listening
> Lesley
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