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Re: update RE: [IPk] just when you think it's all working...

Hi Elizabeth
If it's as hot over in Ireland as it is here then that could be another 
explanation. Cycling in the heat in particular can bring your BG 
crashing! My BGs have been a bit random in the last few days but I put 
that down to alternative infusion sites (bottom and legs) as I'm trying 
to give my stomach a bit of a rest. These sites always seem to "hold" 
the insulin for ages and then suddenly my BG comes crashing down, 
generally at the most inappropriate time.

Elizabeth O'Shea wrote:
> My blood sugars have been settling since my spate of hypos. I don't feel
> like I've been kicked in the head anymore! But I definitely have to pay some
> careful attention and do some adjusting. This morning I woke with a 5.5
> blood sugar. I had 11.2g of oatcake with no insulin and was at 5.8 an hour
> later. Then I had a hypo of 2.6 by the time I got into work because I didn't
> turn my pump down for long enough during my cycle (sigh).
> Also, overnight, I was 10.7 at 1am. I took .5 as a correction, which should
> have taken me to 9.0, but woke with the 5.5. But when I adjusted my insulin
> down a few days ago, I was waking with BGs around 15. I have a lot of
> tinkering to do.
> But at least I'm feeling better.
> elizabeth
> .
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