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RE: [IPk] Re: Magazines for Melisa WAS Micropumps for Wendy

Hi John,

I paid for a subscription to _Diabetes Health_ for over a year before I got 
my first article commission from them. I doubt I will be writing much more 
for them going forward as I haven't heard a peep from them since March. I 
wrote for the magazine because I was happy to be associated with it, already 
having regard for their content and approach. They don't pay much, and the 
pay is per-word, when the article has gone to press. They also don't pay 
twice if they choose to re-use content between the Professional and 'home 
user' editions. If I were flogging a desktop-published book from which I 
would directly earn X p per copy sold I daresay your charge of 
self-promotion would stick better. As it is I have received several kind 
e-mails from people who enjoyed and learned from my articles, while I have 
received not a penny more based on their feedback.


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Subject: [IPk] Re: Magazines for Melisa WAS Micropumps for Wendy
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 13:57:45 +0200

Hang on, Melissa: you've have articles published in Diabetes Health haven't 
you? Not sure we approve of open self-promotion ;-) 

I get an insulin pump magazine 4 times a year from Medtronic/MiniMed, 
specifically aimed at the pump market. It is called Bolus, but it's in 
German, so not so good for the UK market. Half the magazine is promoting the 
latest Medtronic/MiniMed products, and the rest is that twaddle that fills 
up Sunday paper magazines.

I also get an small dumpy mag called Insuliner - again, in German, Insuliner 
being German for someone what takes insulin! That covers pump therapy, and 
human v. animal insulin debate.

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