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Re: [IPk] wearing pumps

What exactly is the problem with having the pump in a pocket when going 
to the loo?
Do you keep all the spare tubing in your pocket?
I regularly keep my pump in my pocket and have no problem, but I keep 
the tubing just tucked into my trousers and as I take my trousers off 
the tubing just frees up and I don't have to even think about the pump. 
I also use the longer length tubing, I guess that helps.

Having the infusion set in the buttocks - I know what you mean about 
catching the tubing
. I try to remember to put it on so that the tubing runs under my 
knickers from the site to wherever I have the pump - this way when I 
take my clothes off it doesn't catch and pull the set out.

But whatever works for you!
PS We're all a bit strange!

>> Hi.  I'm still baffled by all this stuff about putting the pump in a 
>> trouser pocket.  Have tried it, and just struggle when it comes to 
>> using the loo.  Similarly, last week I tried my infusion set in my 
>> buttock and found that pretty disastrous, as I kept catching it when 
>> pulled my knickers down, which was surprisingly painful.  I took it 
>> out after 36 hours, so am back to sets in my midriff or abdomen, and 
>> the pump in my bra inside its little mitten.  Beginning to wonder if 
>> I'm a bit strange..... I do wear my clothes quite tight, so maybe 
>> that's why I've had bother.  Anyway, horses for courses....
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