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Pumps in the pocket WAS RE: [IPk] wearing pumps

I will have to ask Sasha, but when I asked before about the comfort and
convenience of having the pump in a pocket, she couldn't understand why I was
even asking, as she seems to have no trouble going to the loo whether her pump
 is in her pocket or the pump pouch, However she cant get on with the pump being
on her waistband on a clip, as that does feel as though the pump might get in
the way or fall off.  Sasha has combat trousers, sports trousers and skin tight
jeans, loose shorts and tiny skirts and the pump doesnt seem to get in the way.
She likes combat trousers the best for comfort and boys sports trousers for
lying around the house in.  She has the infusion sets in her upper buttocks and
the sets never catch or get pulled out. Even when she is doing gymnastics.

Still everybody is different.  Which sets do you use?  Lots of women's trousers
haven't got decent pockets.  That's the first thing I look at when I buy stuff
for Sasha.  In fact I am sure that I have trousers that have pockets but not
much else going for them!!!

Kind Regards

Jackie Jacombs mum of Sasha aged 12, diagnosed 1999, twin sister Rebecca both
coeliac, two older girls, Nicki and Danni, husband Terry

> Hi.  I'm still baffled by all this stuff about putting the pump in a trouser
> pocket.  Have tried it, and just struggle when it comes to using the loo.
> Similarly, last week I tried my infusion set in my buttock and found that
> pretty disastrous, as I kept catching it when pulled my knickers down, which
> was surprisingly painful.  I took it out after 36 hours, so am back to sets
> in my midriff or abdomen, and the pump in my bra inside its little mitten.
> Beginning to wonder if I'm a bit strange..... I do wear my clothes quite
> tight, so maybe that's why I've had bother.  Anyway, horses for courses....
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