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Re: [IPk] Immune system and DM

Oh dear, cheese, alcohol, mushrooms, fruit, all my favourite things!
And I get through loads of Lucozade and glucose tablets for hypos, 
especially when playing softball.

Elizabeth O'Shea wrote:

>Here's the list from my nutritional therapist. On an anti-yeast diet, avoid:
>-cheese (except cottage cheese)
>-nuts out of the shell (fresh cracked are ok)and nutbutters
>-miso and soy sauces (anything fermented)
>-bread made with yeast
>-lots of packaged foods (read the label)
>-stocks (many have yeast; read the label)
>And avoid sugar to discourage yeast from growing:
>-sweets and sugars
>-fruit (for the sugars, which encourage yeast growth, plus any mould on
>-juices (even vegetable juices, apparently. I don't quite understand this
>For low blood sugars, I primarily use rice milk, rice cakes, or popcorn. I
>haven't had a glucose tablet in months - but I do carry some just in case.
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