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Re: [IPk] Wearing the pump.

>Our list-mate John Neale regularly disconnects
>himself and doesn't re-connect.  Sometimes he even
>does it in his sleep... ;-D

If you say so, Lesley ;-) But it's quite a while since I've pleaded 
guilty to that one!

Dovid - these things happen. Dare I say it's like learning to sleep 
with an extra person in the bed? Sort of easy, but you have to get 
used to it. I'm sure you will soon.

2 crimes I now have to plead guilty to:
Went to an opera gala concert last week - my wife was a soloist. It 
was 11pm by the time it was all over, and encores sung etc. And 
midnight by the time Julia and I headed off to the after-show party. 
A little alcohol - yes - was drunk, and it was 3am by the time we got 
a taxi home, and collapsed in bed. Now the plot thickens: since I 
switched from Humalog to pork insulin 2 months ago, I have set my 
pump to deliver a very high basal - ie a bolus - from 6am to 7am. I 
always wake at 7am, and like to take breakfast straight away, and 
since pork insulin takes about an hour longer to work than Humalog, 
this "automatic bolus" works quite well. Unless I go to bed drunk at 
3am! On this occasion, I collapsed gaga at the foot of the stairs at 
8:30am. Embarrassing. But I knew what I'd done wrong, and will 
remember next time I go to bed late and drunk. I promise.

Crime no. 2: I went to bed 2 days ago without checking my BG! For me 
that is a major sin. Funny things happen to me overnight, and I do 
need to know where I'm at before I turn in. Might need a spot of 
extra carb, or a small bolus. It was around 10pm. And my parents are 
visiting, which upsets the routine of life. (Yes! We do maintain a 
small amount of routine in our chaotic lives...) I went gaga again 
with a fitting hypo at about 1:15am. If I'd checked my BG when I went 
to bed I think I'd have found it lowish then, and would probably have 
had a bowl of cereal or something. You live and learn. I hearby 
promise I will ALWAYS check my BG before going to sleep...

btw I'm on and off chemotherapy at the moment. One week on, one week 
off. And it seems to be working. I've been doing this since Jan 2006. 
I have to wait 2 hours after breakfast, then take an anti-vomit 
tablet, wait an hour, then take a fixed dose of Temodal tablets, then 
wait another hour, then have lunch. Ever onwards!

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