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Re: [IPk] Immune system and DM


Yers I have felt like you, I feel like I have been ill for 2 yrs !, I have 
had various test etc to exclude things but I think my symptoms are triggered 
by stress- it now seems the only obvious thing.

Also to complicate things I had h-pylori infection at the same time and had 
eradication therapy.

Have also had cytomeglavirus - my consultant described it as "an occult 
vesion of glandular fever" -whatever that means, and it got better by itself 
after 12 months. But I have to say that during that time even walking up the 
stairs was an ordeal and I was not Diabetic at the time.

I hope the Doc's can sort you out, as being longterm ill (i mean colds etc) 
really wears you down


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Subject: [IPk] Immune system and DM

> Hi all
> Been awol again as I have been busy (in process of moving house) but  also
> been ill. Briefly, tired, nauseous, washed out, hot and cold,  catching
> everything going, and even a cold can floor me. This has been going on for 
> some
> time.
> (Months?) Pain in joints and spells of swollen  glands, sore throats now a
> horrible chest infection. On top of all this,  terrible candidiasis 
> despite
> various treatments. Anyway, went to docs.  Thought it could either be
> heart/liver/kidney related. Did tests including ECG. This was fine. But 
> blood
> tests,
> repeated again, showed my immune system is shot and there is inflammation 
> in my
> body, but we don't know why  or where. He is ordering more tests, 
> including
> toxoplasmosis, lyme disease and for something called cytomegalovirus 
> (sp?). He
> said treatment for first two is unpleasant but necessary. Treatment for 
> third,
> nothing but  take echinacea every day and hope. He also said it could all 
> be
> related to  the diabetes and a whole system thing. I would like to know if
> anyone has  any expereince of this before? Effects on BG's are awful, as
> expected. I am sick of being sick! Had ME some years ago but it was 
> nothing
> compared
> to this.
> Any info gratefully received!
> Helen
> type 1 32 years
> .
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