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Re: [IPk] Wearing the pump.

Hi Jackie
Have you thought about tennis shorts with pockets for sleeping in summer?
I have 2 pairs of Diadora ones that I wear for softball, they are very 
cool to wear (temperature wise) and have a pocket on each side. You'd 
need to add a velcro tab to stop the pump falling out though. There are 
loads of similar ones in Sports and Soccer (now called Soccer World or 
something) which is a big discount sports shop, and they're only about 
B#5 or less.

Jackie Jacombs wrote:

>A couple of weeks ago Sasha Silhouette infusion set became disconnected during
>the night.  As you mentioned, it is pretty hard to disconnect infusion sets
>accidentally.  On that night I did have to roll Sasha over to get to the pump
> which was a in a sport's trouser pocket. I think that somehow manhandling her
 >turn her over must have unplugged the site. Sasha is a very heavy sleeper!! We
 > looked at the connection the next day and it seemed looser than normal. We
>only had this happen the one time.
 >Sasha cant sleep with the pump in a pouch or loose in the bed, under the
>etc.  I buy sports type trousers (only seem to make them for boys or men) if
>they have zips this is great.  If they dont I iron on Velcro tabs to stop the
>pump from falling out.  Unfortunately these trousers are always made from man
>made material and Sasha gets very hot at night.  However the other day I saw
 >some white shorts in Blue Star, they sell cheap fashion clothes, they were
>of a cotton or mixed cotton and were loose with a soft wide elastic waist and
>look as though they would be a lot more comfy to wear in bed in the summer.
>I think that it made be easier for boys and men to find night wear to put the
 > pump in. Sasha has one of the Medtronic soft elastic and Velcro fastening
>pouches that you can wear next to the skin that are suppose to be useful for
>nighttimes, the come in black or white.  However she uses the black one for
>daytime wear all the time when she hasn't got clothes with pockets and doesnt
>like wearing them for bed although they look find for wearing in bed to me.
>Kind Regards
>Jackie Jacombs mum of Sasha aged 12, diagnosed 1999, twin sister Rebecca both
>coeliac, two older girls, Nicki and Danni, husband Terry
>>As a new pumper (8 weeks), I was wondering what people did with their pumps
>>at night. I tried sleeping with it just lying in the bed but found I had a
>>restless night - I must have been subconsciously worried. I use the Minimed
>>Paradigm 512 and recently started using the thigh belt but find it slips off
>>as soon as I stand up but I am worried to tie it too tight as it feels like
>>I am stopping my circulation. Does anyone use this belt day or night?
>>I also had a scary situation the other day when I woke up and found the pump
>>had disconnected i.e. the quick-set had detached from the the cannula as if
>>it had been disconnected. (sorry not sure if I am clear) it is weird as you
>>need to turn the top part and squeeze the sides together - so I am not sure
>>what happened or when but my BG were 18mmol! Has anyone experienced this?
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