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RE: [IPk] Wearing the pump.


A couple of weeks ago Sasha Silhouette infusion set became disconnected during
the night.  As you mentioned, it is pretty hard to disconnect infusion sets
accidentally.  On that night I did have to roll Sasha over to get to the pump
 which was a in a sport's trouser pocket. I think that somehow manhandling her
turn her over must have unplugged the site.  Sasha is a very heavy sleeper!! We
 looked at the connection the next day and it seemed looser than normal. We have
only had this happen the one time.

Sasha cant sleep with the pump in a pouch or loose in the bed, under the pillow
etc.  I buy sports type trousers (only seem to make them for boys or men) if
they have zips this is great.  If they dont I iron on Velcro tabs to stop the
pump from falling out.  Unfortunately these trousers are always made from man
made material and Sasha gets very hot at night.  However the other day I saw
some white shorts in Blue Star, they sell cheap fashion clothes, they were made
of a cotton or mixed cotton and were loose with a soft wide elastic waist and
look as though they would be a lot more comfy to wear in bed in the summer.

I think that it made be easier for boys and men to find night wear to put the
 pump in. Sasha has one of the Medtronic soft elastic and Velcro fastening pumps
pouches that you can wear next to the skin that are suppose to be useful for
nighttimes, the come in black or white.  However she uses the black one for
daytime wear all the time when she hasn't got clothes with pockets and doesnt
like wearing them for bed although they look find for wearing in bed to me.

Kind Regards

Jackie Jacombs mum of Sasha aged 12, diagnosed 1999, twin sister Rebecca both
coeliac, two older girls, Nicki and Danni, husband Terry

> Hi
> As a new pumper (8 weeks), I was wondering what people did with their pumps
> at night. I tried sleeping with it just lying in the bed but found I had a
> restless night - I must have been subconsciously worried. I use the Minimed
> Paradigm 512 and recently started using the thigh belt but find it slips off
> as soon as I stand up but I am worried to tie it too tight as it feels like
> I am stopping my circulation. Does anyone use this belt day or night?
> I also had a scary situation the other day when I woke up and found the pump
> had disconnected i.e. the quick-set had detached from the the cannula as if
> it had been disconnected. (sorry not sure if I am clear) it is weird as you
> need to turn the top part and squeeze the sides together - so I am not sure
> what happened or when but my BG were 18mmol! Has anyone experienced this?
> Thanks
> Dovid
> .

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