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[IPk] Conspiracy theories WAS Re: Micropumps for Wendy RE:

Many people with diabetes have thought that before, Steve. A few years ago I 
had a conversation with a biotech researcher about the idea that you 
propose. His response floored me and I have quoted it many times since: if 
we (and healthcare systems) are willing to pay so much for diabetes 
*treatment* over our lifetimes, imagine how much we'd be willing to pay 
up-front for a cure! No company in its right head would miss the opportunity 
to make (say) $1m per cured patient per day versus having to earn $6000 per 
dependent user per year. And even if a cure were available to some, it would 
not be available or affordable to all (there are still some places where 
urine glucose monitoring and 1 injection per day is the standard of care for 
type 1, we should NEVER forget that). Whether a cure (or some cures) for 
type 1 may be available or not, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical 
device industry would both have bright futures. PLUS 90-95% of all cases of 
diabetes are type 2 and we don't hear much about 'curing' type 2 except 'an 
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.

I have attended professional meetings of the American Diabetes Association 
(Scientific Sessions), Diabetes UK (APC), the International Pancreas and 
Islet Transplant Association, and the Artificial Insulin Delivery and 
Pancreas and Islet Transplant study group of EASD in the past few years. 
Every one of the researchers and the companies and foundations that support 
research to develop cures for diabetes DESPERATELY wants to find cures. It 
shocks them to learn that patients circulate rumours that they are part of a 
global conspiracy to keep us diabetic when their reason for getting up in 
the morning is to find cures for us. In fact they are all trying to work 
themselves out of a job.  There will plenty of other diseases to study when 
all the questions about diabetes have been answered.

The pharma companies and device companies will find other diseases to work 
on IF diabetes is someday a smaller part of their portfolio. With the rates 
at which type 2 is increasing in so many populations, we type 1s will become 
a smaller and smaller part of the diabetes market anyway over the next ~15 

Type 1 13 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2.5 years

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Has anyone else thought that the big medical companies want to create
dependancy rather than cure diabetes? Just a thought I had watching the news
about stem cell mouse sperm.
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