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RE: [IPk] No Delivery alarm - 512 paradigm

Hi Sara

When we were having the problems Sasha had only been pumping three weeks.  Two
weeks on saline and as soon as we started using the insulin we began to have
problems.  I think we might have been putting the sites too near the tummy
button trying to avoid areas already used.  Have you tried doing the insertions
when sitting down or being less upright so to speak.  Three of the no delivery
alarms we had were very soon after we had put in new sets.  Twice it happen
almost straight away and the next time was on her first day at school with the
 pump and as she bolused for lunch. She had been at home during the morning. So
it wasn't the best start.  I did find it very stressful because at the time we
were so new to pumping we didn't know whether it was the pump, the tubing, the
infusion set, or where it was placed.  However it soon all worked out.  But it
 was quite worrying at the time because we were also worrying about all the
aspects of pumping and getting them right.


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> hiya jackie
> I am currently using the quicksets 6mm size. I have been rotating the sites
> quite well and have only been pumping for 6 weeks so i don't think i
> could have
 > scarring yet as i don't think i have done the same place twice. The very
>  time it happened (a few weeks ago) i felt a sharp pain when i bent
> over (which
> i
 > think was the cannulae bending) and when i took it out it was bent over at
> end but the last 2 times the cannulaes have looked fine. (but i suppose they
> could be hitting muscle in my stomach.) I am quite lean but do have
> some fat on
> my stomach so i don't know if it would hit muscle. the both times it has
 > happened it has been straight away after changing the sites. So it's as if
>  site have failed straight away. I am standing up to do the insertions and
> trying
 > to relax as much as possible. I have a further meeting with the minimed rep
 > the 20th july for learning about the bolus wizard and square bolus etc so
> ask her then about the no delivery alarms.
> thanks for the advice
> i will let you know what happens
> sara davies
> .

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